Back in the Ring

It's been SEVEN months since my last post.  Initially, the plan was to take the holidays off.  Then life happened.  Work got crazy.  Our daughter turned from a baby into a tiny human.  My parents were hit by a dump truck.

About that last one... on March 29th, mom and dad were outside Bluffton, SC on US HWY 278, making a protected left, when a fully-loaded dump truck ran a red light and t-boned the driver-side door. Dad was life-flighted from the scene and mom followed in an ambulance. Five hours later, I was at Savannah Memorial Hospital.  Five days later, mom was recovering at home, and dad was at the Shepherd Center in the Catastrophic Brain Injury Unit. He bounced in/out of ICU for a few weeks and took a 6.5 day chemical nap to clear four instances of sepsis. His therapists were amazing, and he worked his butt off for eighty-five days and nights. All that bleakness to now say, he's home. He walks. He talks. He is better than any of us dreamed he could be. He is himself. God had a plan, and it was BIG. 

Now on to one of the many silver linings of this story... Sarah and I were forced to make our life radically simple, and we're better for it. I have long loved the phrase, "use wisely your power of NO." Sarah and I have a meeting every January to map out our commitments for the year. The idea has been to be certain we have bandwidth for something amazing (or something terrible). We want to be able to say YES to the people and things that matter the most.

Following mom and dad's accident, we were no longer surgical with NO.  We carpet-bombed.  If it is not family, faith, fitness or the pursuit of eating and living indoors, the answer is NO.  Good pursuits have fallen by the waysides.  I resigned from boards.  I left a meaningful, powerful men's bible study group (I still lead my FMMF table). My golf clubs are somewhere in the basement talking about "the good old days" with my skis. I want every minute I have to be focused on time with or time serving the couple of things that matter the very most.

Don't wait for life to cut the crap for you.  Take a few minutes and get rid of everything that doesn't really matter.  

I'll be back a lot more often.  I have content in the can.  Let's do this thing...(again)