What Kind of Person Are You?

This morning, I heard my friend, Jeff Hilimire, tell a room full of marketing pros his story and how that led him to launch 48in48.  There was talk of stumbles, falls, pivots and outright failure.  In there, however, was an important question, that I'm going to butcher:

What are you uniquely qualified to do that could change the world?

In real estate, we look at a piece of property and try to divine its "highest and best use."  Jeff's question involved trying to figure out yours.  It reminded me of a lecture I got from another friend, many years ago.  He was trying to help me understand the personality types required to build a successful business.  He said, 

Bobby, there are three types of people in business and this world...

  1. Fire Starters - These are you idea people.  They dream big.  They see solutions to pain points.  They never settle for "that's how we've always done it."

  2. Fire Builders - These are the people who push a big idea to scale.  

  3. Fire Tenders - These are some of the rarest people in business.  These are the people who guard and maintain greatness.

I'd like to posit that, after listening to Jeff this morning, I may be none of these.  I may be a wood gatherer.  My greatest joy comes from putting great people together and being a resource to see what they can build.  I'm fortunate to have friends that take my calls, when I come to them with yet another, "you have to meet this person..."  I'm fortunate that I get paid to do precisely this every day at BMP.  

What about you?  What is your highest and best use?  What are you uniquely qualified to do?