I'm Not That Interesting...and Neither are You

Yesterday, on LinkedIn, I shared a quick post congratulating my friends, John Thornton and Bennett Gottlieb, on the launch of their tenant rep shop, Capital Real Estate Group.  They're great guys, and they take their work very seriously.  They are going to do great.  I'm proud of them.  That isn't the point of this entry.  

Yesterday's quick blurb is the most popular thing I have ever posted on LinkedIn.  The most popular photo I have ever shared on Instagram is of my wife and daughter.  The take away is clear: people will engage with you and your opinions, but they get a lot more excited about you celebrating somebody else.

That's it.  Take a minute today with your family, in your office, on the phone, on social media, via email or in the elevator to celebrate somebody else.  People around you will get into that.  If you are a leader, people will follow that.