Take Pride in Your Focus

When I was in the tech startup game, we had a really impressive product.  It was beautiful.  It was really good at its core intended purpose (raising money online).  It was not everything to everybody, and it was never intended to be.  Sadly, my insecurity and desire to please everyone led me to hem and haw when asked about features and integrations we didn't have.  I should have taken pride in concentrating on doing something very well.  My answer should have been...

We have chosen to tackle this problem.  We intend to be the very best at it.  We will add functionality along the way (and it might be exactly what you just asked for), but our mission is to do this thing the very best.

This applies to every line of business.  What are you trying to be the very best at?  Be proud of that.  I wish I had been.

Did I miss anything?  Have a great week.