Free Business Idea: Clutch Meets Your Golf Bag

I love golf.  I am not alone in that, but our crowd is shrinking.  Since 2000, golf has lost 6M players in the United States.  It's not exactly a growth industry.  So, if you are a golf club company, or an entrepreneur, how do you make money there?  Here's an idea...

Clutch is an amazing new approach to transportation that was launched right here in Atlanta.  You dump your car and your insurance.  You buy a subscription to their service, and that's it.  You have access to an amazing fleet of luxury cars that you can "flip" to meet your needs.  Are you doing yard work on a Saturday?  Grab a pickup.  They'll bring it to you clean and full of gas.  Road trip with your spouse?  How about a convertible?  It's in your driveway.  

Here's where we apply this to golf: equipment changes every single year, if not faster.  Clubs are expensive.  It's easy to spend $500 on just a driver and $1,000+ on a set of irons.  That makes changing very unpalatable and the price of giving the game a try exorbitant for the golf-curious.  My irons and wedges, for example, are 18 years old.  Therefore, why not offer a subscription model that lets me mix and match my bag throughout the year?  If you did it in conjunction with ShipSticks, you could have a set sent on vacation that would then go back to the warehouse, and you wouldn't have to travel with clubs.  

I haven't run the numbers, but somebody smarter than me will figure this out.  Look for the big club manufacturers to start offering this the same way cell phone companies let you switch to the latest iPhone every year.

What do you think?