Measuring Success

Are you building a business?  Do you work for a business?  Do you lead a team?  You have likely asked yourself, "what is my end goal here?" (other than eat food and live indoors)  Here's a thought on answering that question...

Mark Maynard recently took over for the founder of Leadership Development Company, Chris White, Sr.  He relayed his final metric for a job well done:

"When I leave, I hope nobody really notices that I'm gone."

You have to build an awfully strong team for this to be the case.  The machine has to run amazingly smoothly, and your processes have to be bulletproof.  When I really think about it, it's one of the most ambitious goals you can have.  

If you are trying to create margin in your life, delegating is a great place to start, but this sentiment should be the guiding principal for that process.

There is one sphere of influence where this can/should never be the case: your family.

What'd I miss?