It Has to be BIG

Recently, I was listening to my friend, Ross Mason, tell a room full of young men about his journey through life at a monthly Purpose on Tap gathering.  The entire talk was inspiring and thoughtful, but one thing continues to pop up in my memory:

"It has to be BIG."

This is the sole investment criteria for Don Valentine, the founder of Sequoia Capital.  I assure you that Ross has taken these words to heart.  He does not tackle small problems.

Every Friday morning, I see another friend, Charlie Renfroe.  He has long served as a mentor and adviser to an ambitious young pastor, Andy Stanley.  Charlie asks everyone he meets the same question, and he even hands our pens and business cards emblazoned with 

"What are you working on BIG?"

So, when it comes to ambition, size matters.  Answer the question for yourself, but keep going.  Are you fostering an environment where your spouse and children think big?  What about your employees and co-workers?  Do you empower and encourage them to see big things?

Have a great week.  What'd I miss?