Transit: Solving the Last Mile, Today

In cities like Atlanta, the "last mile" dilemma is very real.  That is to say, we have some heavy rail.  We have some buses, but they don't get a lot of commuters close enough to "there."  My suggestion here is not a new one: employers can partner with ride-share providers like Lyft and Uber to cover the first and last mile of getting employees onto transit and into the office.

The ride-share partner agrees to have drivers pooled and ready at pick-up points, and the bill goes direct to the employer.

Employers and employees get to take advantage of commute-option tax credits.  There are fewer cars on the road, and employees tend to arrive in a better mood and thus be more productive.  

For Commercial Real Estate professionals, it also solves the in-town parking conundrum.  Structured parking under an office building can cost $30,000 per space.  When you are building a 500,000 SF building, the parking ratio can bust your budget in a hurry.  Does this become a component of TI negotiation with landlords?  We shall see, but it's happening in municipalities all over the country.  

Don't know where to start?  Reach out to Samuel Bond (Lyft) or Luke Marklin (Uber). 

What'd I miss?