Freight + MARTA = Answer?

Everybody is full of ideas to solve Atlanta's transportation conundrum.  Sadly, estimates for MARTA rail expansion run from $6B to $20B.  Is there another way?  

Below, you can see a map of the existing heavy freight rail in Atlanta.  When you overlay that with MARTA's existing infrastructure, you see something exciting.  There's only one problem: freight trains.  The map below also highlights how heavily these lines are used.  This is where you come in, Georgia Tech.  Somebody down there has to be smart enough to find a way for MARTA, CSX, Norfolk Southern and all of their friends to co-exist.  What do you think?  Can you see an answer in there?  How much incentive would it take to convince the owners of those lines to share?  When you combine this with the rapidly evolving technology of driverless cars and ridepooling, we might be able to get somewhere in a hurry.