Cold Water

I have had the pleasure of knowing some exceptional, fascinating individuals over the years.  One was a member of the United States Navy's very first class of Underwater Demolition Specialists (you call them SEALs, now).  Many years ago, he offered the following anecdote: 

Do you know what all the time in that terrible, cold water is about?  Covered in sand?  Tired?  No end in sight?  It's simple: you can rarely control your circumstances, but you can always control your reaction to them.

That seems simple enough, on the face of it.  Take a minute to think through the impact that approach would have in your marriage, family, friendships and work.  I find myself most upset by things beyond my control.  We would all be well served to focus on the things we can control and our reactions to the things we cannot.  This is the kind of leadership that a team, family or group of friends can get behind and emulate.

Have a great week.  What'd I miss?