What's on My Homescreen?

In response to Jeff Hilimire's post a couple hours ago, I'll kick off a resolution to get the blog moving, again, early with "What's on my Homescreen" and why.  Please share yours in the comments below...

Outlook - I wish my work life didn't live in Microsoft 365, but that wasn't up to me.  That said, the Outlook for iOS app is FANTASTIC.  It operates multiple accounts (from multiple providers) seamlessly, and the built-in Calendar, Contacts, Documents (rolls up Google Drive, Dropbox etc into one spot) are very slick.  It also allows you to attach actual files to email, not just links.  It seems small, but it's pretty great.  Compared to some other mail apps, it seems to gobble fewer resources, so it's easier on your battery.

Overcast - I don't listen to music in the car.  This is my current favorite podcast app.  The smartsound feature cuts out dramatic pauses, and it also lets you speed up the playback to mow through monsters like Hardcore History in less time.  It does not play nice with Sonos, so that's the only drawback.

Firefox (beta) - I have been on Google Chrome since they launched it in beta when dinosaurs roamed the earth and Internet Explorer had 99.99% market domination.  A month or two ago, I read that Firefox had started from scratch with their Quantum browser.  It was built to run very lean, very clean and very fast.  I tried it on desktop and decided to join their mobile beta program.  I have lived with it everywhere for about six weeks, and I am very impressed.  It doesn't bog down my laptop, iPhone or iPad like Chrome did under heavy use.  The mobile app occasionally has a rendering error or two, but it's pretty solid.  We'll see if I stick with it...


Messages - Self-explanatory.  People send too many text messages.  I miss iMessage from my Mac, but my business demands a PC.  I'd pay a small monthly fee to be able to iMessage from a PC, like I could from a Mac.

Waze - I have gone back and forth a lot between Google Maps & Waze, and I have both on the phone.  I use Waze the most, because it tells me where speed traps are.  I don't drive that fast, but the police need to find a better way to raise revenue.

Google - This is the Google universe in a folder.  I was on Android for two years, and I really fell in love with how slick their world works together.  If you think Siri is useful, try Google Assistant.  Google Photos is the hands-down best backup service there is.  It's ability to search by face is scary and amazing.  Keep is the best note-app I have found.  I'm not sophisticated enough for Evernote.

Garmin Connect & Strava - I suppose they could live together in a folder to create more real estate, but I didn't like the way that looked.  I run with a Garmin Forerunner 235, and I wear it 24/7 as a sleep/activity tracker, as well.  Strava is a great community, and it is device agnostic.  If I switch to Suunto or an Apple Watch tomorrow, I'll still have years of history in the same place.

MyRadar - Their HD radar knocks the socks off the Weather Channel app, and it's far-less resource-intensive.  The TWC app is stashed in a folder on screen #2.

Feedly - This is my go-to news aggregator.  There will be an entire post coming in the new year on how I use it, and where I get my news.  What I like most are the slick interface and my ability for it to only pick up the sources I tell it to.  These days, I have to keep a pretty close eye on who is feeding me information, because everyone, everywhere has an agenda.

YahooSports - I've tried them all, and this is my favorite.  I'm open to something better, if you have a suggestion.  It has to serve up Premier League, European Champions League and F1.  Most sports apps skip those.  Go City!

WallStreetJournal - I have an online/app-only subscription.  I think they do a great job.

WordsWithFriends2 - I'm a dork.  Did it take you this long to figure that out?  I still do crossword puzzles, too.

LinkedIN/Twitter/Instagram - My only three social networks.  I'm not as active on LinkedIN as I probably should be, but I do find some interesting news in there.  Twitter, for me, is a news source, but I take it all with a whole shaker of salt.  Instagram is where I am the most engaged.  It's pictures of my daughter, my dog and my beautiful wife.  I think I'm clever.  I'm usually not.  Twitter: @norwoodbob  IG: @BobStopTalking

Hangouts - The one Google app that gets to live outside the Google barn.  I use it all day for personal communication with family and friends.

Cloze - This is my business CRM.  My company doesn't provide one, and that's fine, because this product is REALLY slick.  The price is right, and the functionality is robust.  It does a great job of keeping me in the proper communication cadence with clients, potential clients and partners.  I do my best to devote 30-45 minutes every morning to reaching out to different people in my network.  Cloze formalizes that process and keeps me on task.  It also logs texts, calls and emails from all of my accounts automatically, while reading emails to categorize communications for various deals and pursuits.

Trello - This is a very simple task software that I brought with me from my time in tech.  I use it to stay professionally organized and keep close track of tasks related to every deal I am working.  I have converted an entire ONE co-worker to it, as well. 

HP 10bII - Financial calculator emulator.  During a work day, this gets more action than almost anything on here. 

Amazon & AmazonPrimeNow - I use both of these way more than I care to admit.

Starbucks - I made it to 33 as a non-coffee drinker.  Then Ellie Jayne came along.  Quad Grande Americano.  No milk.  No sugar.

Sonos - We have them all over the house.  They are trying hard with app, but I'm still not used to the new UI/UX overhaul.

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