I am a Husband - On May 21st, 2010, a mutual friend set Sarah and I up on a blind date.  It went great.  She still made me wait four months for the second date and three months for the third.  Eventually, she decided to settle.  We have been married since June 15th, 2013.  

I am a Father - After a lot of trying, a lot of patience, a lot of prayer and a lot of science, we were blessed to welcome Eleanor Jayne (Ellie Jayne) Norwood to the party on May 21st, 2016.  A good friend once told me, "all the great moments in your life, combined, do not compare to the moment you see your wife become a mother."  He was right.

My dog is a Jerk - There's a little hyperbole in the one, but our rescued German Shorthaired Pointer, Dallas, is a rather powerful personality.  He came my way, via Atlanta Pet Rescue, in 2008.  He was found beaten nearly to death in a dumpster in central Alabama.  Things have been better since, and, by most accounts, we are his domestic staff, priviledged to live in service of his greatness.


I am a mediocre golfer - I cling lovingly to a past where I was a fairly serviceable, scratch player.  Now, I take pride in how deep I can get into a round without losing a ball.  I swing too hard.

I am a habitual runner/cyclist - Everything about me is better, when I have had some exercise.  I sleep better; I think more clearly, and I am a generally nicer guy.  I also love Waffle House, BBQ and Cheeseburgers but don't want to get fat.  I have run a few marathons.  I pace-run most Atlanta half marathons for the Atlanta Track Club.  

I shoot at birds & cast at fish - I enjoy bird hunting and fly fishing immensely.  I am not especially good at either, but a wiser man would say that's not why you're out there.  I just want to hit more ducks and catch more trout.  

Powder snow may be God's greatest achievement - Jackson Hole, WY is a very special place.  If you have the opportunity to slide down a hill covered in light powder snow, do it.  I have gotten up at ungodly hours, in offensively cold weather and trudged up 1,000's of feet of mountains just to make a few turns.  Every step was worth it.


In my tech startup days, we built technology for nonprofits.  It gave me a late-in-life vegan's perspective on the entire charitable industry.  That is to say, I saw entirely too much sausage being made to indiscriminately eat from the buffet of good will ever again.  I actively support a very short list of causes, because I know their leadership to be exceptional and their practices to the best in the business.

New Story - Founded by my good friend, Brett Hagler, and a graduate of the most prestigious startup accelerator around, Y-Combinator, New Story is revolutionizing housing in the third world.  100% of your donation goes to the family you select, and you will be kept in touch with that family as they move into their home and their life changes.  How much is a home?  About $6,000.  Most importantly, this team treats charity like a high-powered technology startup.  That is to say, they are making a profit, albeit defined slightly differently.  

The Atlanta Mission - Led by a former Fortune 500 executive, the Mission is another organization that treats charity like a business.  Their business is curing homelessness in Atlanta.  If you have a friend who says, "if God was real, he would come down and show himself," I suggest you introduce that friend to the men, women and children whose lives have been pulled out of the gutter by Jim Reese and his team.  I continue to invest because of the lasting change affected by their programs.

Leadership Ministries - I have been sitting at a table at On the Border in Buckhead every Friday morning at 7:00 AM since 2008.  The purpose of Friday Morning Men's Fellowship is to challenge one another to be better husbands, fathers, leaders and friends through a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.  The ministry is unashamedly masculine, because it's only job is to be a resource to men.

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